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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Key Developments in Avian Evolution Revealed by Recent Study

A recent study on archosaur (crocodilians, birds, and dinosaurs) anatomy has shown that theropod dinosaurs gradually evolved longer, heavier, and more muscular arms as their anatomy led towards the development of wings for flight. Interestingly, these theropods also developed a more crouched and bird-like posture along with the stockier arm morphology. These findings certainly lend key anatomical knowledge as to the evolution of birds from nonavian theropod dinosaurs such as the maniraptorans, so I suggest that you read this article for more information on this compelling analysis:

Heavier Dino Arms Led Evolution To Birds


  1. Speaking of dinosaur-bird evolution, do you think that we can bring back mesozoic dinosaurs by studying the genomes of their avian descendents and turning the genes that prohibit them from having ancient trates such as long bony tails, teeth, and dinosaurian arms off, as Jack Horned says we can?

  2. Sorry, I meant to say "Jack Horner."


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