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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bizarre Bat Requires Creation of New Genus

Scientists have recently made an exciting and unique discovery after returning from South Sudan. They returned with a specimen of a bat with a striking pelt, which was found to be identical to a specimen found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1939. The bat species was originally placed in the genus Glauconycteris. However, closer analysis of the new specimen revealed that this bat's unique physical and skeletal anatomy requires the creation of an entirely new genus to classify it. These findings point to the idea that the age of zoological discovery is far from over and that new and unique animals may not only remain hidden in deep wilderness, but in the cabinets of our specimen collections! Please read more about this amazing mammalian discovery here: Striped like a badger: New genus of bat identified in South Sudan


  1. He's a beautiful little animal. Quiet unique looking to be sure.

  2. Jay, send me an email. I want to ask you something. Don't worry, it's not a joke.


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