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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Ambiguous Gary Liimatta Footage: A "Cadborosaurus" On Film?

Unidentifiable marine animals have been reported numerous times throughout history, but footage of such animals seems to almost never be produced. Could the Gary Liimatta footage show an unknown denizen of the deep? (Artwork by Thomas Finley)
While browsing cryptozoological documentaries on YouTube, I came upon a small clip of footage which caught my interest. The film in question was recorded in 1969 by Gary Liimatta while he was on a pleasure cruise off the coast of Vancouver Island.1 It appears to show an animal with rather large head atop an eight foot long neck, and was described by Gary as looking rather similar to a very large turtle without a shell. While a few details of the description do initially bring a leatherback turtle to mind, the animal in the footage is quite clearly not an individual of this species. I have shared links to segments of the documentary which exclusively features the Liimatta footage below. Although these clips are rather short, Gary Liimatta and Dr. Paul H. LeBlond are featured giving some brief input.