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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July! (With Details On My Looking For Local Aquatic Mystery Animals)

Many 'sea serpent' reports have been made by men and women in the midst of protecting our country's freedom. (Artwork by Thomas Finley)

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! May we express our immense gratitude to each and every veteran, and keep their well-being in our prayers. In line with the theme of this blog, it is definitely worth noting that many reports of unidentified marine animals or 'sea serpents' have been made by the valiant men and women protecting our country's freedom. On this beautiful day, my family and I are going boating on the Allegheny River near the Kinzua Dam, and I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for the car-sized giant catfish which have been reported to inhabit the area by dam maintenance workers. Apparently some divers described observing a long-necked animal down there as well, and although the account was supposedly first brought to light by a park ranger, I personally find this claim to be dubious. Nonetheless, it doesn't hurt to do a little looking for aquatic mystery animals while out enjoying nature anyway. Have a fantastic day, and may God bless America and our veterans!
Image illustrating an alleged encounter between a diver inspecting a dam for maintenance and a giant catfish. Such scenarios have reportedly occurred in the Kinzu dam area, as well. (Image source is here)

At the end of the day, no evidence of aquatic mystery animals near the Kinzua Dam has been uncovered by my admittedly passive efforts. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic Fourth of July. I hope everyone had a good one, especially the veterans who have given so much to protect our country's freedom.
Yours truly on the lookout for alleged aquatic mystery animals.

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