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Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Skeptical Review of the Ketchum Project by Sharon Hill

Excellent painting of a female sasquatch by cryptozoological artist Thomas Finley.

Sharon Hill, geologist and author of Doubtful News, recently shared an article with me which I felt would be well worth sharing here. Ms. Hill's article is a critical review of the claims of Melba Ketchum regarding her sasquatch DNA study. I have been very skeptical of Ketchum's work due to a variety of factors including her rather outlandish claims regarding both the study and alleged sasquatch-related experiences, the fact that she bought a journal to self-publish her paper, the fact that what she claims is her most important sasquatch sample was determined to that of Ursus americanus in a separate university study, the claims of her being deceitful made by people who were sample submitters or part of the project, her refusal to allow scientists and even sample submitters to have permission to independently test the samples she is in possession of, and the fact that a mediator for the study has stated that the DNA sequences are a mix of genetic material from opossum and other known species. I strongly encourage you to read Sharon Hill's excellent article and consider the information for yourself.

The Ketchum Project: What to Believe about Bigfoot DNA ‘Science’


  1. I will definitely check it out Jay. Thanks bro

  2. Excellent article! I am also very skeptical of Ketchum's claims, as well as the video (which I *really* don't think is true).

  3. I'm a skeptic about Melba's "work" in much the same way I am about Rick Dyer.

    Both are shameless hoaxers and profiteers.


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