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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Appearance on Monster X Radio

A depiction of a Merhorse, a cryptozoological animal which the show hosts and I both agreed was one of the most likely to exist, by cryptozoological artist Thomas Finley.
On Sunday night, I had an absolutely wonderful time talking with Johnny McBigfoot, Shane Corson, and Patrick DontKnow on the Monster X Radio show. We covered a wide variety of cryptozoological topics, from unknown aquatic animals to the Mokele-Mbembe of the Congolese River Basin, and had a really great discussion! There were quite a few callers who asked great questions, including my good friend in the blogosphere Shawn Evidence (who writes at Bigfoot Evidence). Ms. Julie Hagan, who had witnessed an unknown animal carcass off the coast of Southern California, also called in and spoke about her encounter, so this will definitely be worth listening to. Although I must apologize for the poor audio volume from me on this radio show, I encourage you to watch it! The archived show can be found here.


  1. Awesome Jay! It was a pleasure having you on.

  2. Yeah Jay you did an excellent job on the show. It was so fun to listen to


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