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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Repost of Paleontological Articles from Laelaps

Beautiful artwork by John Conway
Science writer Brian Switek has a blog on the National Geographic website known as Laelaps. Mr. Switek has written several informative articles on evolution, paleontology, and natural history at this blog. I had planned to write several articles based off of information which I had read on his blog, but the busyness of high school activities and such has kept me behind on this. I have decided to share the links to some of my favorite articles of his, which I felt contained very interesting paleontological information, here instead.

 Maiasaura Milk? – Phenomena: Laelaps
(I wanted to add that I had previously speculated that dinosaurs may have fed their young with a milk like substance and I was thus very excited to learn that this may have been possible)
This beautiful artwork is by Luis Rey

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