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Friday, April 26, 2013

Lakeville "Mystery Foot" is a Bear Paw

A diagram which I have created comparing the Lakeville "mystery foot" (on the left) and a decomposing bear paw.
Image (on left): Lakeville Police Department
I have noticed that many online news sources have been displaying this decomposing limb (which two boys found in the woods of Lakeville) as a "possible Bigfoot foot" or as "evidence of Bigfoot". This is entirely false and it can be clearly seen that this is a decomposing bear paw (as evident by my diagram above) and shares the same anatomical features. I have communicated with many fellow researchers of wood ape reports, and they all agree that this is a bear paw, so please know that this is not ignorance of "Bigfoot researchers" but rather ignorance of media sources which hope to receive popularity and views.



  1. Are people still saying this is a BIGFOOT.... ugh.

  2. Just like the roswell crash was a flying saucer and then suddenly it became a weather balloon this foot was definitely declared not human and was definitely declared a mystery and then suddenly it became a bear foot...yeah...right...okay?!


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