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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Earliest Evidence of a Big Cat That Shouldn't Exist in Britian?

 A true cryptid carcass: out of place Canadian lynx
People have been reporting big cat species from black leopards to jungle cats in Britian for years, despite the fact that these animals are not supposed to exist in the region. Although the subject of these "Alien Big Cats" is often debated, there actually is good scientific evidence for the existence of these out of place animals including hair, droppings, deer kills, tracks, footage, and even dead and captured specimens. It has recently been announced that a specimen of a Canadian lynx  which lived in the wilderness of Devon, England until it was shot is present in a British museum. This animal
truly is an out of place big cat, and analysis of its skull has confirmed that the specimen is most likely a Canadian lynx rather than a relict individual belonging to one of the lynx species which is recognized to have lived in Britain at some time. Please read this article by paleozoologist Darren Naish for more information on this unexpected discovery.

A lynx, shot dead in England in c. 1903


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