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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Waxahachie Black Panther Camera Project

Mike Mayes, the so-called 'Texas Cryptid Hunter', is a great research associate of mine who has been doing investigative work regarding reports of cryptozoological animals in Texas. As I have said previously, I have a great interest in reports of relict Eastern cougars and 'out of place' black panthers. My interest is mainly due to the fact that such animals have been allegedly seen very near to where I live; literally down the road from where I live in one case where an alleged Eastern cougar was observed. Mike has been contacted by some people in Texas who have allegedly seen black panthers on their property several times. He is currently setting up trail cameras to try to document the existence of these unrecognized  animals on the property. As I have discussed previously, I have suggested that several Southern black panther reports may actually be of jaguarundis. However, I also feel that it is possible that many reported black panthers in North America are melanistic mountain lions. I have high hopes for Mike's investigation, and he may assist in finally determining what these reported felids are.
Black panthers are reported all over North America.
Will Mike Mayes be successful in photographing one of these unclassified felids?
(Beautiful art by William Rebsamen)

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